Our Vision

It's time to create a more honest and inclusive politics – one that centers Dignity for All.

Make Government Work for Wisconsin's Exhausted Majority

Politicians in Washington demonize each other, polarize the American public, and neglect their jobs for a simple reason: it’s highly profitable to do so. As a result, we have lost trust in our politics — over 80% of Wisconsinites believe the federal government is fundamentally broken.

That’s why Steven has committed that his first piece of legislation will aim to get Members of Congress to do their job, empower working people in politics, and root out corruption.

Steven is proud to be the first and only candidate to champion many of these measures. Highlights of the proposal include:

  • Ban Members from fundraising while Congress is in session
  • Achieve Final Five Voting (open primaries and ranked-choice voting in general election)
  • Enact term limits for Members of Congress and restore a citizen legislature
  • End legalized bribery in Congress, banning lobbyists and special interest sponsorships of Members and their committee assignments
  • Enable working people and non-traditional candidates to run for office
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Dignity for All

Too many fellow Wisconsinites have been left out of politics while millionaires & billionaires in Congress fight amongst themselves. We must craft legislation with people who are closest to the issues. Here is our Dignity for All Agenda:

Environmental Dignity

  • Pass a 100% clean energy standard
  • End fossil fuel subsidies
  • Invest in clean energy and green technologies
  • Protect public lands
  • Stop Line 3 and new extraction
  • Expand regenerative agriculture

Economic Dignity

  • Invest heavily in technical and vocational education, expand apprenticeships
  • Establish universal broadband internet
  • Target federal resources for entrepreneurs and family farmers
  • Innovate in and regulate emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and social media
  • Invest in job and small business opportunities for veterans

Human Dignity

  • Update Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Guarantee universal healthcare
  • Increase mental health providers & access statewide
  • Ensure universal background checks for firearms
  • Protect women's freedoms by codifying Roe vs Wade
  • Ban the ex-felon box
  • Legalize cannabis and psychedelics, expunge records of nonviolent drug offenders