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Steven Olikara

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Steven Olikara

Steven Olikara is a proud Wisconsinite, the son of Indian immigrants, an entrepreneur, and a nonprofit leader. He believes we must come together now to tackle our most urgent priorities and provide the opportunities people need to reach their dreams. Over the last decade, Steven has built inclusive coalitions through an organization he founded, the Millennial Action Project, collaborating with people from across the state and country to create real change. We need leaders like him with the creativity, courage, and compassion to build bridges and help us make progress in all of our communities.


Dignity Tour

Photo of Steven Olikara

"I'm calling on all Wisconsinites to join us in a movement that brings people together around one goal: dignity for all." - Steven Olikara

We are traveling across the state to meet with communities who have historically been left out of politics. Our Dignity Tour will include weekly conversations with farmers, factory workers, small business owners and entrepreneurs, veterans, Indigenous communities, and many more Wisconsinites from all walks of life. Together, we will build an inclusive agenda for Wisconsin.


This election will mean nothing if it leaves us, after it is all over, as divided as we were when it began. We have to begin to put our country together again. So I believe that any who seek high office this year must go before all Americans: not just those who agree with them, but also those who disagree; recognizing that it is not just our supporters, not just those who vote for us, but all Americans, who we must lead in the difficult years ahead.

Robert F. Kennedy — 1968